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Simplify Your Partnership Business Registration with Our Expert Services - Kyambadde Associates & Legal Consultants

Simplify Your Partnership Business Registration with Our Expert Services

Let Us Handle Your Partnership Setup

Navigating the legal requirements for establishing a partnership can be complex and time-consuming. At KALCONS, we specialize in making this process seamless and efficient for you. Our experienced team of lawyers is ready to take care of everything, ensuring that your partnership is set up correctly and swiftly.

Understanding Partnerships

A partnership, as defined under Section 2 of the Partnerships Act, 2010, is a relationship between 2 to 20 individuals who carry on a business together with the aim of making profits. Unlike a company, a partnership is not a separate legal entity; the property is held by the partners for the business, and the partnership dissolves upon a partner's death unless otherwise agreed.

Types of Partnerships

  1. General Partnership: All partners are fully liable for the partnership’s debts.
  2. Limited Liability Partnership: Only one partner is liable for the debts, while others are liable only to the extent of their capital contribution, similar to a Limited Liability Company.

Our Comprehensive Partnership Registration Service Includes:

  • Preparing the Partnership Deed
Our skilled lawyers will draft a comprehensive Partnership Deed tailored to your specific needs and business goals.
  •  Registering the Business Name
Before registering the partnership, we ensure that the business name is registered. This is a crucial step in distinguishing your business.
  • Submitting Documents
We handle the submission of your Partnership Deed along with the necessary payment receipts to the appropriate authorities.
  • In summary
We guarantee that your processed documents will be ready for pickup within one working day.

Who Can Register a Partnership?

Any two or more persons carrying out business together with the goal of making profits can register a partnership. Our team will guide you through filing the Deed of Partnership and completing all required procedures.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Expertise: Our lawyers are well-versed in partnership laws and regulations.
  2. Efficiency: We ensure that all legal requirements are met swiftly and accurately.
  3. Convenience: Let us handle the paperwork while you focus on your business.

 Contact Us Today!

Ready to establish your partnership? Visit our offices, send us a message, or CALL US today.  At KALCONS, we make partnership registration easy and stress-free.

Trust us to manage your partnership registration process with professionalism and care, ensuring your business starts on the right foot.

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